XBMS Sales - a combination of automation and lead generation

Customer relationship management XBMS - Create, Track and Follow up leads
  • Log all your valuable client info
  • Auto log your emails
  • Transcript your phone calls to text
  • Add files/contactpersons
  • Crawl websites for data
  • Set standard colors and fonts to use in your marketing content
Identify leads and set meetings with high profile clients. 
XBMS Data Solutions - Creative Solutions for daily Marketing Problems and tracking Customer relationship management to convert data in to paying customers.
XBMS International CRM and Automation Solutions. Automate your sales process to get more from your sales team. 
B2B Inbound Lead Generation use CRM and Video creator tools to create inbound, Create beautiful videos within the CRM system to attract new customers
XBMS Customer relationship management (CRM) give you a full toolset to archive calls, reach out to customer and track your performance.


XBMS - X BORDER MARKET(ING) SOLUTIONS The X stands Cross Disciplines approach to International Sales and Marketing problems. 
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