XBMS Industries

XBMS is active in a wide range of different industries but mainly focuses on high-tech manufacturing industries, like Pharmaceutical and Electronics manufacturing business on both the end-user side as well as on Machinery manufacturing side;

We can offer the following Marketing services for these industries:

3D/Video Animation

Create beautiful video animation to share on your website our Social Media. Add your own content and animate your product and logo. 

E-mail Marketing

Create and plan your email marketing campaign. Simply add your videos to your emails and track progress of you email campaign.

Customer Relationship Management

Create and track leads. File customer information and find potential contacts for your leads. Easily create emailslist from your customer list and integrate them in your marketing campaigns.

Website Visitor Tracking

Track conversions to your website. Find the source of your customers and convert them to leads. 


XBMS - X BORDER MARKET(ING) SOLUTIONS The X stands Cross Disciplines approach to International Sales and Marketing problems. 
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