Shutter strategies and M&A Dealmaking

XBMS guides companies to search alternative ways to grow or for companies to find sustainable ways to shutter, sell parts or entire business operations. We guide companies to find suitable buy opportunities and we find partners to sell your operations. 

M&A Buy strategies

We have years of experience in the field of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Contract Manufacturing to analyze the production process and your needs to find suitable Partner for your future growth plans. 

Sell or shutter strategies

We have been assisting large corporations but also smaller companies in strategies to shutter activities. Depending on the situation we can advise on finding partners to sell your business (unit) as a whole or to sell assets separately, meaning selling production equipment and real estate and assets to different buyers therefor maximizing the value of your assests.


XBMS - X BORDER MARKET(ING) SOLUTIONS The X stands Cross Disciplines approach to International Sales and Marketing problems. 
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