About Us


XBMS, Cross Border Marketing Services is a company that was founded because of the demand from B2B Companies to find a good partner with technical knowledge and understanding of their products. XBMS has this knowledge and knows because of that how to find your customers. We do not emphasise on sheer number of clicks of the views your ads get we try to help generate sales setup locations and do actual inspections.

As young company (2020) we do have a lot experience in setting up online marketing campaigns and settings sales in the Pharmaceutical and Contract Manufacturing world. We started out as marketeers for manufacturing companies but found out there is a demand for setting up marketing campaigns in multiple countries and in multiple languages. All our employees have experience in direct sales for B2B companies or have a background in Engineering. Together with our SEO specialist and Web programmers this makes us a very knowledgeable partner for industrial companies.

In a changing market place where products are easily comparable and purchaser are less open for sales calls we offer a new solution for your company to get under the attention of your customers.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Sombekke - Founder


XBMS - X BORDER MARKET(ING) SOLUTIONS The X stands Cross Disciplines approach to International Sales and Marketing problems. 
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