Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense Outlook

The Aerospace and defense industry has long been under heavy weather due to Economic Downturn and souring Government spending. Finally the outlook has become much better. Government defense spending is on the rise and the number of travelers keeps breaking records. This gives opportunities al across the board


PWC has qualified the US as the most attractive place for aerospace manufacturing. followed by Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. New entrants to the top ten include Australia, Taiwan, and Denmark. Singapore, the Netherlands, and France dropped out of the top ten. This gives US companies a significant advantage in the International trade.



Europe being the main purchaser of US defense equipment has also given defense manufacturers a great boost as a large share of the European Governments has announced to increase defense budgets of the upcoming periods. The last ten years there has been a significant drop in spend which resulted in a problematic defense systems to the point that international missions are becoming a burden on the ministries of defense. To solve the problems a number of governments have said to increase defense budgets over the next 10 years to solve this problem and making the armed forces operational again.


All these developments create great opportunities for both businesses big and small. XBMS has been exploring these opportunities for years and sees great opportunities for Aerospace- MRO, manufacturing and service companies. Also Defense subcontractors, part manufacturers and OEM's can find great opportunities. Please let us know to let us know if you would like to explore new territories.


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