Case Studies: PPC Google Adwords

International Adwords Introduction

For a large US manufacturer we have created an AdWords campaign to cover France, Germany, Spain and Canada. We have set a up a Adwords Campaign for all the country Specific Website including all the specific Tags and Tacking tags.


This manufacturer of printers is looking to expand their business in Europe and therefor had multiple employees and facilities in Europe. Although an effort has been made to set up a marketing campaigns, campaigns where not adjusted to the needs and not centralized.


They have been using multiple local SEA experts with different websites this caused the marketing campaigns to be less focused on specific sales targets and harder to manage let alone analyse.

Proposed Solution

We have started to analyse competitor’s campaigns, websites and market generic terms. Based on this we have created a long list with terms to use these have been analyzed by our native speaking specialists and grouped by relevance. Every group presented a specific target group, which we used to setup an Adgroup and the Ads also taking in account the providing landing pages (as these where not part of our scope).


We recommended to start up campaigns based per country. We provided the input data and correctly setup the campaigns in the Adwords account and used it to create relevant reports to analyze their success. Monthly reporting and reviewing ensured the always up to date information and that the customer always is the first ad in the relevant search result in Spanish, French and German.