4 metrics which you should use to analyze your online campaign

As every online specialist will tell you: “You need to analyze your campaign” but a lot of them neglect to tell where to look for. With this paper, I would like to give you a short introduction on where to look for and why.

  1. CTR - Yes, I know it’s the most obvious choice but do you know why and what is a good Click through rate? These questions are not easy to answer and depend on your campaigns target and market. I have seen click through rates of 30% and as low as 0,02% and both satisfied the customer. Eventually it really depends on what is accepted based on the costs of your product or service, the invested budget and the return on investment. As you easily calculate if you have a $100.000 product, assuming you make good margin 😉 one sale can be the difference between success and failure while if you are selling $5,- item you want to receive a lot more clicks to support your sales.
  2. Bounce rate - CTR is one thing but once on your website what will happen next? They leave again? A high bounce rate is a sign that your landing page experience did not match your Ad. Review your ad is telling the right story? and your landing page is appealing a few seconds to find where they are looking for can already be too much. Make sure everything as smooth as it can be. Test-drive it by independent persons to get an objective view on your campaign and landing page. I you have been working on the campaign for while we tend to get blind for our mistakes.
  3. Conversions - This is where it is all about of course but what we seem to forget is that we determine the conversion ourselves. This is prone to errors and a high conversion rate has to be inline whit your sales targets otherwise you didn’t set your conversions right. Your whole campaign has be setup to reach the conversion that is your other most target so the whole story has to be inline form keyword to add to landing page and the final conversion. I sounds easy but it is a lot harder than you think.
  4. Trending - All the info above is subject to change and this can be small change in keywords or sometimes in landing pages or even external events (think of the electrical transformer company when the first transformer movie came out). Understanding trends in your data is sometimes hard to understand and not always obvious. Luckily, there are companies like us to help you with that. Please feel free to contact us for a free introduction call.